The Organisation

Patrons & Board of Directors


Michael D. Higgins President of Ireland

President Michael D. Higgins

President Michael D. Higgins

Board of Directors

John Hannon (Chairman)
Ruth Bourke
Joe Brennan
Dee Forbes
Fiachra Garvey
Deborah Kelleher
Orla McDonagh
Yvonne Mays
Fintan Meagher
Fiona Naughton
Daithi O’Ceallaigh
John O’Conor
Tony Carey
Karlin Lillington
John Coulter

Executive Committee

John O’Conor Artistic Director
Adrienne Carolan Administrator
Colma Brioscu
Hilary Collins
Ciara Higgins
Lorna Horan
Gabriela Mayer
Ben Murray
Brenda Wilkes


The Dublin International Piano Competition was started in 1987 by John O’Conor, Ann Fuller, Laurie Cearr and Ida Delamer. The first competition took place in 1988. May 2018 marked 30 years in existence. We continue to rely on volunteers from business and cultural sectors and a dedicated network of host families, drivers, caterers and piano hosts.

John O’Conor Artistic Director

Adrienne Carolan Administrator
Sandra Price Assistant Administrator

Corporate Structure

The Competition has charity status and was incorporated in 1986 as a Company Limited by Guarantee with no Share Capital.

Financial Management

Dublin International Piano Competition operates on a three-year basis, in line with each competition cycle. It is managed prudently and has recorded positive results in each financial cycle to date. Overseen by a hands-on Board that includes former CEOs of major companies, accountants, lawyers and key cultural players, the Competition’s accounts are audited by Robert Nathan Corporate & Private Incorporating Malone Power & Company. With this sound management base, Dublin International Piano Competition maximises the value of resources, through a transparent and disciplined financial accounting system.

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Dublin International Piano Competition

Dublin International Piano Competition is an approved body under the terms of Section 848A of the 1997 Taxes Consolidation Act, whereby donations in between €250 and €1,000,000 per annum are eligible for tax relief. Such relief accruing to the Competition.