Shaping Stars – The Maurice Foley Programme

‘Shaping Stars’

The Maurice Foley Irish Competitors’ Training Programme

Competing in an event such as the Dublin International Piano Competition requires not just piano-related skills. The Maurice Foley Programme was created for the Irish pianists who have been selected to compete in the international competition, to help them reach and sustain peak performance before and during the Competition.

The programme consists of workshops and mentoring sessions from an experienced pianist, physiotherapist, sports psychologist and music promoter to help them develop the physical stamina, mental strength and interactive skills on and off stage.

The pianists will also participate in a broader educational initiative, which will involve performing in schools throughout Dublin leading up to the international competition. The performances will be interactive with questions and answers sessions and the participating schools will then be invited to ‘adopt’ a pianist, who they will then support during the Competition itself.

Six participants (the Foley Six) were selected at the Preliminary Irish Competition on December 20th 2014, and are:

  1. Gary Beecher (21, Cork)
  2. Adam McDonagh (21, Dublin)
  3. Jonathan Morris (22, Wexford)
  4. Billy O’Brien (22, Waterford)
  5. Peter Regan (19, Roscommon)
  6. Sean Rooney (21, Newry)

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